Sýningaropnun; Anno Weihs á Kaffi Klöru

Anno Weihs, born 1971 in Germany, is a multidisciplinary artist. He lives and works in Germany and Iceland. Actually Anno Weihs is host artist and curator at Listhus Art Residency in Olafsfjordur. Weihs´ body of work encompasses paintings, objects, installations, instant photographs and an array of works on paper such as cyanotypes, collages, and altered photographs. This exhibition shows a selection of cyanotype-works, created here in Olafsfjordur during the past weeks. Mostly “prints” of findings from nature: seagrass, algae and feathers. Every cyanotype is a unique print. The result depends on the paper, chemicals, time, sun, intensity...and of course the mood of the artist. More about the artist: www.annoweihs.com