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Cruise Calendar Komur skemmtiferðaskipa til Siglufjarðar (dagatal)

Siglufjörður is Iceland’s northernmost town and is a historic fishing town who’s fame, and fortune has always been linked to the ebb and flow of the fishing industry. A tiny shark fishing village in 1900, Siglufjörður soon became one of the largest towns in Iceland and the undisputed capital of herring fishing in the Atlantic. Although the herring has disappeared, the town bears the distinct imprint of The Herring Era.

Siglufjörður is along with the community of Ólafsfjörður a part of The Municipality of Fjallabyggð, which came into being when the two communities were merged in 2006. The area maintains a flourishing cultural activity and is known for its dynamic and vibrant extracurricular activities. There are interesting galleries and artist studios to be visited in town.

Since 2002 Siglufjörður has welcomed cruise ship passengers to visit this small town at the edge of North Iceland that is full of well-kept history.

By walking through the Herring Era Museums three buildings one can easily sense the atmosphere of the old times, in the herring girls’ lodgings one can for example find a ball dress, red lipstick, love letter or a knife for gutting the herring. When visiting the Folk Music Centre guests get a good idea about Icelandic folk music when hearing local people singing traditional rhymes and folk songs. Finally, a walk down by the harbour and around town offers guests to visit art galleries, restaurants and cafés, our local church and on a good summer day guests can watch local fishermen at work.