Artist of the year

Fjallabyggð's Marketing and Cultural Committee nominate the artist of the year in Fjallabyggð, with a grant of one year. Only those artists who have lived in Fjallabyggð for at least two years can be considered. The nomination can be either a group or an individual artist.

The Marketing and Culture Committee advertises for applications and / or requests reasoned suggestions for a local artist, but is not bound by it. A decision on a local artist is taken by the Marketing and Culture Committee.

Bæjarlistamaður 2021 - Jón Þorsteinsson
Bæjarlistamaður 2020 - Elías Þorvaldsson
Bæjarlistamaður 2019 - Hólmfríður Vídalín Arngrímsdóttir
Bæjarlistamaður 2018 - Sturlaugur Kristjánsson

Bæjarlistamaður 2017 - Arfinna Björnsdóttir
Bæjarlistamaður 2016 - Alice Liu
Bæjarlistamaður 2015 - Fríða Björk Gylfadóttir
Bæjarlistamaður 2014 - Leikfélag Fjallabyggðar
Bæjarlistamaður 2013 - Þórarinn Hannesson (Tóti)
Bæjarlistamaður 2012 - Guðrún Þórisdóttir (Garún)
Bæjarlistamaður 2011 - Örlygur Kristfinnsson
Bæjarlistamaður 2010 - Bergþór Morthens