The role and scope of the Town council is to direct Fjallabyggð under the Local Government Act and other laws. The Town Council is composed of seven elected representatives members.

The town council has the highest decision-making regarding the implementation of the projects that the municipality carries out and the utilization of its income sources.

Fjallabyggð town council consists of 7 municipal representatives that are elected by proportional representation for four years at a time, and equally many alternates according to the Act on Municipal Elections no. 5/1998.

Legal framework

The Town Council governs the town according to the terms of the Municipal Administration Legislation no. 138/2011, Enactment on the Governance of the Fjallabyggð Township and other laws.


Meetings of the Town Council of Fjallabyggð  are held alternately in Tjarnarborg in Ólafsfjörður and in  the town hall in Siglufjörður. The meetings are held every first Wednesday a month at 5 pm.
The meetings are open to the public. The Town Council minutes are shared on the town's website after the meeting and there you can also access recordings from the Council's meetings on the town's website.

Town council minutes are accessible  here. (In Icelandic)