Tröllaskagi music school

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Tröllaskagi Music school handles teaching in musical instruments and singing along with teaching in other music fields that are expected in the National Curriculum Guide for Music Schools.

  • The school offers teaching in as many music fields as possible,  children as well as adults have the opportunity to pursue music lessons as circumstances permit.
  • Create diverse conditions for students to develop their musical abilities and creativity.
  • Emphasize the social value of music production with the participation of students in concert and orchestral work.
  • Create students for graduate studies in music.
  • Support school teachers for concert.

It is planned that all children in grades 1 - 10 of the compulsory schools should be given the opportunity to pursue their music education as part of a continuous school day.

The School Board is composed of five representatives and they are divided between the municipalities of Dalvíkurbyggð and Fjallabyggð. The school principal is Magnús G. Ólafsson.

Phones at the school office:

Dalvík 460-4990
Ólafsfjörður 464-9210
Siglufjörður 464-9130
All further information can be found on the music school website at: