Primary School

Fjallabyggðar Primary School is intended for all children aged 6-16 who are domiciled in Fjallabyggð.

Primary schools operate according to the Compulsory School Act, now from 2008 and the regulations that accompany them.

A new elementary school in Fjallabyggð started on 1 August 2010 and replaced the primary school in Ólafsfjörður and the primary school in Siglufjörður.

There are two establishments at the school:
In Siglufjörður there is a 1st - 5th class and there is a student number of about. 100.
In Ólafsfjörður there is a 6th to 10th grade and there is a student number of about 100.

The primary school phone is 464 9150

Further information on the activities can be found on the school's website.