Nykurtjörn in Svarfaðardalur

Distance: approximately 4.5 km (one way). Route: Steindyr – along the Þverá river – Grundargil canyon – Nykurtjörn pond.
Maximum elevation: 670 metres. Hiking time: 5-6 hours (both ways).

It is possible to take many different routes up to Nykurtjörn pond, but here we describe a route that has been marked with marker posts and begins at the farm Steindyr. The hike takes you to the fertile hillsides along the Þverá river that flows through a pretty canyon when you get further up. The canyon has a beautiful waterfall, the Steindyrafoss waterfall, and you can walk below the waterfall more or less on dry land. When you reach a level area some distance above the waterfall, you turn north. The route has two level areas that you will have to hike along. The first of these ends at the Bakkabjörg cliffs and you walk beneath those heading north until you reach a place where it is easy to get up to the next level area. You walk along that level area until you reach Grundargil canyon, where the brook which has its source in Nykurtjörn pond flows. When you reach that spot a row of tors and cliffs lay before you to the north of the brook – these are called Hrafnabjörg cliffs. The hike continues along the southern part of the canyon upwards towards a relatively steep gravel plain ridge. Then you walk along a less fertile area up to the pond that is situated peacefully below Litlihnjúkur peak and Digrihnjúkur peak, which are around or over 1,100 metres high. If you have left your car at Steindyr farm, it would be most reasonable to return the same route.