Distance: 4.5 km (one way). Route: Hornbrekka – Hornbrekkufjall – Kerahnjúkur.
Maximum elevation: 1,097 metres. Hiking time: 5-6 hours*.

When hiking up on the Kerahnjúkur mountain from Ólafsfjarðarkaupstaður township, it is advisable to start from the ski lodge and set a course to the south of the ski lift in the direction of the southernmost part of the escarpment on the Hornbrekkufjall mountain directly up from the Hornbrekka slope. When you reach the rim of the Hornbrekkufjall mountain, you can see the summit rising up to the sky, rugged and demanding. You walk along the rim with Brimnesdalur valley on your left. There is quite a long distance to the summit itself and rather steep at the top. On the top of the Keran, there is a cairn and a strikingly beautiful view in all directions. It is also advisable to hike up on Kerahnjúkur mountain from the east, and in that case you start from the main road south of Sauðá river and walk into Sauðdalur valley, which is an easy walk. When you arrive at the bottom of the valley, the best advice is to set the course to the pass between mount Bassi and Kerahnjúkur mountain and when you have entered the pass you should follow the mountain range all the way to the top.