About Fjallabyggð

Offices of town hall

The offices of town hall are located at Gránugata 24 Siglufjörður.
Opening hours 9:30 am – 3:00 pm on weekdays.
Tel: (+354) 464 9100
Email: fjallabyggd@fjallabyggd.is

Social Services of Fjallabyggd
Operates in accordance to government laws and regulations.
The Social services office is located at the town hall.

Department of Family service
Handles all matters of school, recreation and sport as well as leisure in Fjallabyggd. 
The office is located at the town hall.

Environmental and Technical Department
The Environmental and Technical Department oversees and regulates all building, planning and zoning codes in Fjallabyggd. A permit is required for any type of construction and alteration of buildings.
The office is located at the town hall.

Public water and electrical authority ( RARIK )
Rarik´s water/electricity company oversees all water/electrical operations in the municipal; waterworks, heating utility, and sewerage system.
The company’s main objective is distribution of electric power and has gradually been working on building distribution networks in rural areas, 90% of which belong to RARIK.
RARIK also owns and runs 5 heating plants, geothermal power plants in Búðardalur, Blönduós and Siglufjörður and district heating systems in Seyðisfjörður and Höfn in Hornafjörður.
Tel: (+354) 528 9000
Email: rarik@rarik.is
The office is located at Vesturtanga 10, 580 Siglufirði 


There are one grammar/elementary school in the municipal of Fjallabyggð
Grunnskóli Fjallabyggðar
Headmaster: Ms. Ríkey Sigurbjornsdóttir, rikey@fjallaskolar.is
Tel: (+354) 464 9150 
Email: rikey@fjallaskolar.is  
Web:  http://grunnskoli.fjallabyggd.is

There are one pre-schools/kindergarten operated by the municipal of Fjallabyggd.

Leikhólar – Ólafsfjörður
Tel: (+354) 464 6240
Email:  leikskoli@fjallaskolar.is
Web: http://www.leikskolinn.is/leikholar/

Leikskálar – Siglufjörður
Tel: (+354) 464 9145
Email: leikskoli@fjallaskolar.is
Web: http://www.leikskolinn.is/leikskalar/

Other schools

Menntaskólinn Tröllaskaga / High school
Headmaster: Ms. Lára Stefánsdóttir, lara@mtr.is  
Tel: (+354) 460 4240
Email: mtr@mtr.is
Web:  http://www.mtr.is

Tónskóli Fjallabyggðar / Fjallabyggð´s music school
Headmaster: Mr. Magnús Ólafsson, maggi@fjallaskolar.is
Tel: (+354) 464 9211
Email: tonskoli@fjallabyggd.is
Web: tonskoli.fjallabyggd.is 

Fjallabyggð´s sport/recreation centers

Has a 25 metre indoor swimming pool, a sauna and a hot tub (outdoor) as well as a gym.
and a indoor sport hall.
Tel: (+354) 464 9170
Email: haukur@fjallabyggd.is
The sports center serves a variety of sports and local teams that have access to the facilities as well as local groups and individuals.

Has a 25 metre outdoor swimming pool, 2 hot tubs, a swimming pool slide, a wade pool with mushroom waterfalls, a sitz bath and a gym.
Tel: (+354) 464 9250
Email: haukur@fjallabyggd.is  

There are two 9-hole Golf Courses in Fjallabyggd. One in Siglufjördur and the other in Ólafsfjördur.

There are two ski areas in Fjallabyggd, the Skardsdalur ski area in Siglufjördur and the Tindaöxl ski area in Ólafsfjördur. The ski area in Skardsdalur can easily be considered one of the country’s best ski areas and the ski-hills in Ólafsfjördur is one of the best slalom ski-trails. In Ólafsfjördur there is a cross-country ski trail that has lights along the trail and access is also available to skiers during the summer-season.  Mountain skiing is becoming ever more popular leisure sport and better conditions for this sport than in The Fjallabyggd are or in Tröllaskagi can hardly be found.

Other service

Health Care / hospital
Tel: (+354) 460 2100
Email: hsf@hsf.is
Web: http://www.hsn.is

Fjallabyggð´s Public Library
The library is open all year round.
Tel: (+354) 464 6120
Email: bokasafn@fjallabyggd.is
Web: http://bokasafn.fjallabyggd.is

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday 1:30 pm-5 pm

Public transportation
Greater Reykjavik Transport (Strætó BS) operates public transportation in Fjallabyggð.  Route 78 is between Akureyri and Fjallabyggd.

All waste within the municipal of Fjallabyggd  is recycled and handled by a company called Íslenska Gámafélagið.
Tel: (+354) 577 5757
Email: gamur@gamur.is

Police department
Tel: 464 7700 / 460 3950

Fire department
Fire chief: Mr. Ámundi Gunnarsson 
Email: babu@simnet.is  
Tel: (+354) 467 1496