Attractions in Siglufjörður and Ólafsfjörður

The Herring Era Museum

Awarded maritime and industrial museum - where the glory days of Icelands herring fisheries and industry are brought back to life in three different buildings. Róaldsbrakki, a 1907 salting station and bunkhouse. Grána, a 1930s-era fishmeal and oil factory. The Boathouse, the towns thriving harbour of the 1950s with old fishing boats at the dock. The Herring Era Museum won the Icelandic Museum Award in 2000 and the European Museum Award in 2004, as Europe´s best new museum of industry and technology. 

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The Folk Music Centre

The Folk Music Centre presents Icelandic folk music in an accessible and entertaining manner through video recordings of people old and young, from all parts of Iceland, singing, chanting and playing traditional instruments. Visitors can take a crack at playing reproductions of an Icelandic fiddle and alangspil (a kind of bowed dulcimer), or just listen to the music while having coffee.

Fjallahestar - Horseback riding

An experienced and personal horse riding tour company based in Sauðanes, Siglufjörður, offering tours for groups of all sizes.
Fjallahestar offers a variety of riding tours for beginners as well as the experienced rider, for individuals and groups. It is therider’s responsibility to assess their own level of riding proficiency. Our horses are friendly and have been trained specially for riding in the Mountains of Tröllaskagi..

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Segul67 - Local beer brewery

Segull67Taste some local delecacies!

Segull 67 is located in an old fish factory, in tours guest will get saga of the building with brewing knowledge and beer tasting. Segull 67 brewery has tasting area where guest can enjoy their beers, also there is glass wall so guest can see brewing equipment and watch when brewing or bottling is taking place.

Segull 67 brewhouse is located within 300 meters from Siglufjörðurs port.  Up to 100 pax can go on brewing tours where visitors learn about this small family-run brewery as they get to explore the brewery itself behind the scenes and taste their products.

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Top Mountaineering

Top MountaineeriongTop Mountaineering exists to bring Siglufjörðurs natural and human history to life. The small companys passionate guides know nearly all there is to know about the local area, its folk stories, historical events and places, and the ancient walking trails over the mountains between farms and villages. 

Top Mountaineering offers

  • Guided hiking tours
  • Guided Kayak tours
  • Wildlife, historical and nature tours
  • City walk
  • Boat tours

We are a small local family business. We guide groups and individuals around Siglufjardarmountains, Fljot and Hedinsfjordur.  We offer a great selection of single- and multi day hiking tours at all levels of ability, up onto the powerful mountains or along quiet beautiful valleys.

If you want to experience Siglufjordur from the sea we offer kayak and boat tours.

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Gestur Hansson
Certified Tour Guide
S.O.T. Kayaking Safety Guide
Wilderness First Responder

+354 898 4939

Historic Walk

A guided tour around the former Herring capital of Iceland - which processed up to a 40% of the nations export income.
From the port - up the main street and to the church. Local guides will shed light on the town's colorful history.

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Bird Watching The local bird life is flourishing with up to 40 species to be found nesting and even more visiting, mainly at Leirurnar, tidal flats at the innermost end of the fjord.

Saga Fotografica - Photo History Museum

The purpose of the museum is the preservation of equipment for photography and photo processing, from various times in addition to exhibit and present. Also, the Museum stand for the presentation of photographs, the history of photography and different methods of photo processing, as well as exhibitions of paintings and sculptures. The goal of the museum is to strengthen and interest in photography and photographic, promoting its history and different methods of taking photographs and display photographic works.

Natural History Museum of Ólafsfjörður / Pálshús

Pálshús, one of the oldest houses in Ólafsfjörður, is today a museum and a cultural centre, located at Strandgata 4 in Ólafsfjörður. The oldest part of the house was built in 1892. The house is named after Páli Bergssyni, one of the main instigators of the fishing enterprises in Ólafsfjörður and who, together with is wife Svanhildi Jörundsdóttur, finished building the house in the form we know today.

Today the locals have jointly rebuilt the house which now hosts the Natural Museum of Ólafsfjörður and a wonderful exhibition called "The Desire to Fly". This exhibition covers Icelandic bird flora and examines the human desire to fly. A great exhibition for children as it has a high educational value while being entertaining and fun.

In addition, Pálshús hosts private collections and diverse music and/or art exhibitions.

Access for disabled is good and there is a chairlift to access the lower floor.