Listh˙s Gallery Ëlafsfir­i; "Stundum"

By Cheung Tsz Hin & Ling Pui Sze​ (Hong Kong, China)

Opening Reception: 5-7pm, 12 May, 2018
Video Presentation with sound performance by Susanne Walther: 5:30pm, 12 May, 2018
Exhibition Period: 5-7pm, 12-16 May, 2018

"Stundum" is an exhibition by two Hong Kong artists: Cheung Tsz Hin and Ling Pui Sze. They stayed 6 weeks in Olafsfjordur of Iceland for artist-in-residence at Listhus. In the exhibition, they show painting and video works related to their lives, perceptions and experiences of their days in Iceland.á

Both Cheung and Ling are interested in nature. Iceland is a new and unfamiliar place which is full of new discoveries to them. They come to Iceland to adjust their paces and look for inspiration as this island is totally different from their hometown, a city with lots of skyscrapers and high population density.

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