Distance: 16-17 kilometres. Route: from above Br˙nasta­ir ľ HÚ­insfjar­ardalur ľ Uxaskar­ ľ ┴mßrdalur ľ ┴mß ľ HÚ­insfjar­arß ľ HÚ­insfjar­arvatn ľ VÝk.
Maximum elevation: 710 metres. Hiking time: 7-9 hours.

Hike starts at Br˙nasta­ir south of Lambanesßs ridge and the course is set directly to Uxaskar­ pass through the HÚ­insfjar­ardalur valley. It is quite a steep hike up to the pass and when you arrive there, the Almenningshnakki mountain can be seen towering to the north-west (929 m ľ the highest mountain in Siglufj÷r­ur fjord), and to the south-east you see the peak of Efri-┴mßrhyrna mountain and directly to the south the majestic GrŠnuvallahnj˙kur mountain. The way is steep down to the upper foothills of ┴mßrdalur valley, where you walk along an uneven gravel plain without vegetation until you reach the bank of ┴mß river. There the ┴mß river cascades into a gorge and forms several small waterfalls on the steep and grassy mountain side. Next follow the meadows of HÚ­insfjar­ardalur valley and you follow the river for the last stretch down to the lake and from there east from the lake to VÝk. In the heyday of the Hˇlastˇll bishopric in ancient times, the bull calves of the bishopric were usually herded along this route in the springtime for their summer pastures in HÚ­insfj÷r­ur, to the annoyance of the small farmers.

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