Ëlafsfjar­arm˙li, M˙lakolla

Distance: 4.0 km (one way). Route: Brimnesß ľ Gvendarskßl ľ M˙lakolla.
Maximum elevation: 970 metres. Hiking time: 4-5 hours (both ways).

Ëlafsfjar­arm˙li is one of the most magnificent mountains in Ëlafsfj÷r­ur fjord. It is the fjord's outpost and reaches a height of 970 metres. The overall mountain view in Ëlafsfj÷r­ur is rugged and the view from M˙lakolla mountain covers almost the whole fjord, over to the Eyjafj÷r­ur and far out to the ocean. You can see houses on GrÝmsey island and on a good day you can see the steam plumes rise into the air from the hot springs of the Mřvatnssveit region. The hike up this huge mountain that rises up from the sea is not very difficult, but it is however quite an uphill climb that needs to be overcome. You start the uphill hike north of Brimnesß river and you hike uphill on land initially covered with vegetation. When you have finished the first uphill climb, you see a number of small ponds and from these you continue straight up a hilly area until you reach a scree which is quite difficult if you take that route. It is preferable to go to the right closer to mount Kistufell and then it is even possible to walk through snow up into the Gvendarskßl basin. From there you then walk along a ridge towards the northeast in the direction of M˙lakolla mountain. There are some ruins of a structure built by a private party who received TV channels and retransmitted them into the town. There is a beautiful view in all directions and nobody will feel cheated by going this way ľ it is a wonderful place for skiers in the springtime when they can ski down this high mountain to the main road. A shorter route up on the M˙lakolla mountain would be from the road from MÝgindi a little north of MÝgindislŠkur brook. This route is quite steep and some places you need to proceed with great precaution. The old M˙li road can be hiked but during heavy rainfall in the summer of 2004 the road was cut off and it has become very difficult to clamber across this place, but experienced hikers can easily hike the route. From the M˙lavegur route, the view is beautiful and the route is very interesting and you have a good view into the valleys of Ëlafsfj÷r­ur in the west, the Hvanndalabjarg cliff and Fossdalur valley, and GrÝmsey island.

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