Distance: 11-12 kilometres. Route: Lßghei­i Klaufabrekknadalur ľ Klaufabrekknaskar­ ľ Klaufabrekknadalur Klaufabrekkur in Svarfa­ardalur.
Maximum elevation: 1,030 metres. Hiking time: 5-6 hours

You start out right to the west of the shelter at the top of the heath and then you hike into the Klaufabrekknadalur. This hike will take the first half hour. You must avoid hiking the mountain side at too high an elevation when you start out. When you are well inside the valley, you will be able to see the pass and at the point where you start the ascent. There is usually snow or a glacier in the pass. It is quite a steep and tiresome task when you start hiking up the Ůumlungsbrekka slope. It is easy to find your way on that route when the weather is bright, but you have to proceed with caution when the mountains are not clearly in sight. The mountain ranges enclosing Klaufabrekknadalur valley are majestic, the Olnbogahyrna mountain and Mjˇihnj˙kur peak lay before your eyes. In the direction of Svarfa­ardalur valley, you can see Gimbrahnj˙k peak; to the left you will see Systur hnj˙ka peaks at the bottom of Ůverdalur valley. The way from the pass is steep going down into Klaufabrekknadalur but there is an easy route down to Svarfa­ardalur valley.

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