Distance: approximately 3 km (one way). Route: Lßghei­i ľ Hreppsendas˙lur.
Maximum elevation: 1,052 metres. Hiking time: 3-5 hours (both ways)

The mountain that goes by the name of Hreppsendas˙lur extends to the west up from Lßghei­i heath, high and majestic with its two columns rising 1,052 metres into the sky. They are easily visible from the township of Ëlafsfj÷r­ur. Seamen have over the ages used the mountain to get their bearings when offshore outside of Ëlafsfj÷r­ur. When the two columns (Ĺs˙lurĺ) appear from behind the Ëlafsfjar­arm˙li promontory, they speak of being located Ĺout on the s˙lurĺ. When you hike up the mountain there are many routes to choose from. One route begins at the emergency shelter at the Lßghei­i heath. The course is taken towards the ridge to the left of the summit of the mountain. This route is very well passable, but when you get close to the summit you have to deal with some scree. It is also possible to take a longer route to the summit and then you start from Hreppsendaß river and follow the mountain spur in the direction of the S˙lur mountain. From the summit, you have a good view over all of Ëlafsfj÷r­ur, the Reykjahei­i heath and the Klaufabrekknadalur valley. The mountain view is strikingly beautiful over to the Fljˇt area to the farms Ůrasasta­ir and Deplar and there is also view down to lake StÝfluvatn. To the south you have a view into Hvarfdalur valley and in favourable weather conditions you can see the caps of the mountains located on the east side of Svarfa­ardalur valley, such as mount Kotafjall, mount Skei­sfjall and B˙rfellshyrna mountain.

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