Fossabrekkur from Keifar to HÚ­insfj÷r­ur

Distance: 11-12 kilometres. Route: Kleifar ľ Sy­rißrdalur ľ M÷r­ruvallaskßl ľ Fossabrekkur ľ HÚ­insfj÷r­ur.
Maximum elevation: 680 metres. Hiking time: 7-8 hours.

The tour starts at Kleifar and you walk through the valley following sheep trails. The route is marked until you reach the river confluence of Sy­riß and Rau­skar­sß rivers and from there you walk along the Sy­riß river on the east bank. Along the route, there is rather little vegetation but it is still easy to walk. You pass below the mountain side of Sy­rßrhyrna mountain (Ësbrekkufjall mountain) and on the right hand side you have Ůverfjall mountain with its towering presence to the north of the river and further along is Bangsahnj˙kur peak, measuring 890 m. It is necessary to go to the bottom of the valley in order to not end up in a basin called Bangsaskßl basin. The last stretch up into the pass is rather steep. You walk up two wave-shaped gravel plains; the first one is the steeper one and is called Fossabrekkur slope, from which the route derives its name. We follow a curved path to the north-west up into the pass. When you continue down to HÚ­insfj÷r­ur fjord, you walk for the most part on a glacier down to the M÷­ruvallaskßl basin and then down several terraces with small cataracts. You descend in front of lake HÚ­insfjar­arvatn at the abandoned farm Grundarkot. If the plan is to walk down to VÝk, you walk along the lake on its east side ľ the route is rather wet but easily doable.

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