Distance: 14-15 kilometres. Route: Burstabrekka ľ Burstabrekkudalur ľ Drangaskar­ ľ Hˇlsdalur ľ Karlsß on Upsastr÷nd shore.
Maximum elevation: 820 metres. Hiking time: 6-7 hours.

The ĹDrangar routeĺ was in earlier years a much travelled route between DalvÝk and Ëlafsfj÷r­ur. This hiking trail is one of the easier ones, despite being quite long. It is easy to find your way on this route following a track that was made when the power transmission line was constructed. You start from the farm Burstabrekka and walk to the south past the river over a wooden bridge which is located there. The route is not steep. To the right, you have the mountain Hˇlkotshyrna and the highest portion of that mountain range is Barkarkolla mountain and to the left is Kerahnj˙kur mountain, which is 1,097 metres high. Up in the valley there is a lake which is getting larger because of the power station that has been built there. A private party has now harnessed the power of the Burstabrekkuß river. Usually the last stretch up to the Drangaskar­ pass is hiked over snow. When standing in the pass, you can see the Ëlafsfjar­arbŠr in the ĹVĺ shape which the valley forms and in the other direction you can only see the innermost part of the valley, which is named Karlsßrdalur valley to the north but Hˇlsdalur valley to the south. The descent down into the valley is very steep with a scree with loose rocks and therefore people need to be very careful when taking this route. When you get down below the steepness you arrive at a point where the route of those who intend to hike the BrŠ­ravegur trail meets your route, but then you walk up from the bottom of the valley and after that, at your convenience, down the mountain side of the Kßlfsßrdalur valley and down to Ëlafsfj÷r­ur. The BrŠ­ravegur trail is named after two brothers who died of exposure on this route on a Christmas night and were buried in the cemetery at KvÝabekkur. You walk down the valley along the track. Hrafnabjargahnj˙kur mountain is on the left and where the bend in the valley is, there opens up a view down the valley and out to Eyjafj÷r­ur fjord and HrÝsey island. If you follow the track all the way you reach the main road a short distance south of the farm Karlsß.

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