Botnalei­ from Fljˇt

Distance: 9 km. Route: Lambanes-Reykir ľ Nautadalur ľ Botnalei­askar­ ľ Botnar - Hˇlsdalur.
Maximum elevation: 710 metres. Hiking time: 4-5 hours.

The hike starts from Lambanes-Reyki and you follow the marker posts from there up the northern hillside of Nautadalur valley along the Bolahryggur ridge. The ridge is said to be named after the renowned Ůorgeirsboli bull which is supposed to have killed a traveller there in the early 19th century. At the end of the Bolahryggur ridge, above the bottom of Nautadalur valley the course is set to the northeast to Botnalei­arskar­ pass. From there you are able to see the Almenningshnakki mountain (929 m). Mount Blekkill lays before you to the east and to the north the Selfjall mountain. From the Fljˇt area this mountain range has been given a single name, the Siglufjar­arfj÷ll mountains. From the pass it is very steep down to Botn, and there in the middle of the basin is the Botnalei­arhˇll hill. From this hill, you have a view down to Siglufj÷r­ur and now you walk down along the Blekkilsß river with grassy GeldingahlÝ­ hillside between Blekkilsß river and Selß river and from there you come to the Siglufj÷r­ur water supply in Hˇlsdalur valley.

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